About Us

WarriorKind® is a not for profit mental health support network devoted to advocating positive conversations around mental health and committed to quashing the stigma attached to mental illness experiences.

As a not for profit community interest company, all profits generated from our directory, magazine, merchandise, and WarriorKind® TV will be reinvested into providing our eligible Warriors with fully funded bespoke treatment that wouldn’t usually be available or accessible to them.

What WarriorKind® means to you

WarriorKind® members came together in our video shoot to let the world know what the community has meant to them. Watch the story and be inspired by our brave and wonderful Warriors!

How WarriorKind® Works

WarriorKind® is a community that encourages positive conversations around mental health in a safe and supportive environment.

We invite all people throughout different stages of their mental health journey to share their experience, either as a written article for our magazine or a filmed interview/documentary for our WarriorKind TV channel. Furthermore, we offer reliable resources & support and are actively seeking to quash the stigma associated with mental illness through various projects. Therefore, our ethos is to empower, inspire & support.

Sarah Drage


Al Bendall


Lily Gooding


Christian Berenger


Matt Loftus


"It’s somewhere where you can easily turn to, you can just write something in there about how you're feeling and you will get support."
"I've been able to express myself and everything that I've been through, knowing that everybody around me is going to protect me and look after me"
"WarriorKind to me is an outlet that I don’t think any of us really had before, with that comes honesty and people really opening up about what they've really gone through."