Lynzy’s Warrior Story ‘a triumph over adversity’

I am happy to tell my story to the wonderful team of women who run this website, and to all the users. We all have something in common, we have had our struggles and challenges, and we learn to carry on with our lives regardless. Warrior women. We still continue to bring up children, look after elderly relatives and struggle to hold down jobs, which isn’t easy when you have chronic health conditions. I am almost 61 years old, and I want my experiences to help others. You are not alone. I was writing good poetry by the age of 8, and read out my story to the school “My Trip To The Zoo” at ten years old. I wanted to be a fashion designer, my schooling was going good, but then almost out of the blue at 14 years old (at the time of puberty), depression struck. I didn’t know what this low mood was, lethargy, finding life a real struggle. I failed my school exams. No one knew, or understood what I was going through, even hospital specialists who thought it was the ‘teenage blues’ which would pass. But I knew it was something more series. Patches of my teenage years were spent at home, feeling confused, feeling agoraphobic, with a low self-esteem. At 19 yrs old in trying to get back on my feet, I was at a night club and had my drink spiked. Barbiturates were found in my blood and I ended up spending 6 weeks in a local psychiatric hospital, and I remember everything that happened to me. I came out of a hospital on a cocktail of drugs. It was about 1978. I learnt to live with a devil on my shoulder. Anxiety and depression. It wasn’t only myself that suffered but the family around me that didn’t understand what was happening and I carried a lot of guilt that I had failed them. Unfortunately I have never been blessed with children, but have had beautiful dogs which I’ve loved and they have loved me. I attended many different art courses and by absorbing myself in drawing and painting helped when I wasn’t well, and I also enjoyed it when I was well. Most of the time I worked for various caring agencies as a support worker/carer. I enjoyed my work. I adapted the best way I could to my rocky road. My second husband was very good for me. For the first time in my life I had a structure and routine and for me that was very good. I was 37 yrs old. I lived in Cornwall for 20 years and came back home to Kent with my husband in 2006, we lived between Canterbury and Folkestone.

When I was 53 years old I found a lump in my breast. My elderly GP said ‘don’t worry there is a 96% chance it is nothing, unfortunately I was in the 4 %. I was more concerned for the poor elderly doctor when he discovered my diagnosis. My Consultant surgeon at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford was amazing. I had my left breast removed and he performed a second operation or an axillary lymph node clearance, removing infected lymph nodes from under my arm. I was given a course of chemo, radiotherapy and medication. Two and a half years later, my surgeon operated an elective breast removal of my second breast requested by myself. It had no cancer. I thank Mr Williams for this operation, as I felt very uncomfortable with one remaining large breast. He thought I may need counselling after this operation but it was not needed. I was happy. But something wasn’t right, my cancer was under control, but my anxiety increased. Why ? I discovered that my cancer had been hormonal and I had also been going through the menopause. I eventually was on the right medication and everything finally settled down. I am now in a good place. I live in a beautiful village which I write about, I taught myself how to be a self-published author. I consider myself extremely lucky, I go to work looking after guys with learning disabilities and my free time is my own, to continue writing. I write the “On The Marsh Series” of books. 1 – 6 in the series at present 1 and 2 are available to purchase. My characters in my books have different social and health issues, people we can have sympathy with. There is humour, surprise, and excitement. You can contact me on: email. if you would like to purchase a book. Live Life and Love.

Lots of Love Lynzy xxx

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