Kindness – Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and, here at Warriorkind we are a supportive online community dedicated to normalising conversations about mental health and wellbeing, encouraging healthy discussions about mental health and providing information and resources to help. 

Mental Health Awareness Week comes at a time that is making more people than ever stressed and anxious so it is crucial people know there is somewhere they can turn for help and support. Mental Health Awareness Week in 2020 is themed around kindness and, we want to put a spotlight on that this week.


The Warriorkind community lives on social media, it’s accessible to everyone and there to provide support.  When someone reaches out for help in the community the acts of kindness that come back in return, often from complete strangers, make a huge impact.  At a time when communities are pulling together more than ever, we want to spread the word about the WarriorKind community that is there and ready to help if you or anyone in your community needs somewhere to turn to. Our own social network community is available to all, over at

Look after yourself

Looking after yourself is a huge part of maintaining well balanced mental health.  So, we would urge you all to take a moment this week to do something lovely for yourself. Just taking a brief moment to do something for yourself can be really refreshing and invigorating and great for mental wellbeing. Some examples are;

  • Yoga/stretching and breathing –  courses can be found online, a lot are free during this time.
  • Cup of tea and read – a book, a magazine, an online long read.
  • Bath and relax 
  • Remind yourself of the kind things you have done in the past – it’s good way to balance your view of yourself
  • Watch your favourite film
  • Have a walk and take in your surroundings, look for beauty even in the smallest things –  searching online for walks in your area will give you lots of options, along paths and places you may not have known existed.
  • Start a diary, this can just be notes in your phone, or in a lovely notebook. It can be random thoughts, ideas, or a list of things you are grateful for.
  • Enjoy a hobby – take up an old hobby or start a new one! Gardening in window boxes, or Lego or puzzles, there are lots of online resources for anything you can think of.
  • Meditative colouring in –  a favourite here at WK, some lovely free printables from the lovely Gracefully Boho, including some lovely affirmation statements & mandalas, here:

We at WarriorKind are fighting to normalise healthy discussion around mental health experiences, for everyone. Join our community to talk to others that understand your experiences, and feelings, in a safe space.

Warrior Webinar

On Wednesday at 8pm, we at WarriorKind are offering our own act of kindness. We have teamed up with our life coaching partner, Flourish, to host a free webinar as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.  The webinar will explore how everything we need for our mental wellbeing is already within us. Particularly now in the current COVID-19 climate, it will look at how overthinking, overwhelm and fear can take us away from our innate mental wellbeing and how being kind to yourself and others can keep us on track. Details of how to sign up for free can be found here:

Small acts of Kindness

Small acts of kindness can make a huge difference to someone in need of support.  Just receiving an uplifting text, a link to a cute animal video or even a small gift like a care package left on the doorstep of a vulnerable person, can really make a difference. And it can have a really positive effect on the person who gives the gesture too, just knowing you have cheered someone else up can make the world seem a brighter place.

Is there someone you can give a little boost to by making a small gesture?  For example:

  • Check if neighbours need any help with anything (where safe)
  • Arrange a video call between friends or family so you can all talk together
  • Planning and arranging social distancing safe activities with loved ones, once it is safe
  • Send a picture of a favourite point in time to a friend and have a reminisce!
  • Gifting any spare seedlings or plants you can donate to those that would love to expand their garden.
  • Swap your favourite recipes with friends and have a virtual dinner party.
  • Quizzes have been super popular, gather your friends together and create a bespoke one that only your loved ones would know the answer to
  • Walk a neighbour’s dog if safe, you help them, plus you get exercise and dogs are good listeners!

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