Shanen’s Warrior Story – Domestic Abuse

TRIGGER WARNING – Contains themes of domestic abuse and violence which some viewers may find upsetting
Introducing Shanen’s powerful experience with domestic abuse & violence. Shanen shares her story which goes into graphic detail about the way her abuser violently and mentally abused her.

But fortunately, Shanen’s story doesn’t end in tragedy, Shanen goes onto say how she along with the support of the police managed to secure a conviction against the perpetrator, which she states was an empowering journey to freedom.

“He smacked me in the face with the gun”

We at WarriorKind couldn’t be any more proud of Shanen for sharing her story, which will no doubt go onto support many people experiencing domestic abuse & violence, and will reaffirm that the journey to freedom is always possible.

If you are in an abusive relationship and fear for your life or are in an emergency situation please call 999 in the first instance

For more support around domestic abuse & violence please see the following links:

National Domestic Abuse Helpline
Womens Aid
Rising Sun Domestic Abuse & Violence Service
Choices Domestic Abuse & Violence Service
Oasis Domestic Abuse Service

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