Tips for surviving Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but we all know it can bring with it some stresses and strains. To help you avoid the overwhelm I have put together some ideas…


It’s going to be stressful feeling safe this year, and most of us are more worried about our parents/grandparents, than we are ourselves. So if you can, for this year, stay apart. We are all looking forward to our huge summer parties next year. If you have someone who will be isolated and needs company for their wellbeing, then safety and hygiene practices are a must, especially from now. This is including kids coming home from university etc. If we all are mindful of covid 19 safety, we have a better chance of being safe.


This year is going to be tough financially. I, personally, was really upfront with everyone about my tiny budget this year. And no one minded. Everyone understood. I also asked everyone what they wanted, so they could have exactly what they wanted, instead of me overspending because I’m guessing and paranoid they will hate everything I get them, so I buy too much. Just ask. Makes everything easier. And to those who say they don’t want anything, YOU ARE MAKING IT HARDER! Pick something, so your significant other doesn’t have the extra stress of having to think for you.

There is nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.

Erma Bombeck


You don’t need as much as you think. I know it’s Christmas, but even if there are many of you, it is better to have more of fewer options, rather than six side vegetables that everyone smashes together with gravy. Plus having to time everything is too stressful. Just don’t. Plus, if you don’t see it as a bonus fun thing to do, let the vegan/vegetarian/gluten free person bring their own food, but keep in mind that if you could not cook the potatoes in goose fat/let people put their own butter on the veg, it includes more people without much effort.

General Stress

Most things about christmas stress can be alleviated by communicating. Delegate. I mean it. I know if you don’t do it it won’t be the best, but spread the load. Be management and plan ahead, give jobs to people. Let someone bring a side. Give someone the role of drink checker. Write a list of what you hate doing and see if someone doesn’t mind doing the things you hate, even if they do, give them the job! You don’t need to do more than your fair share of crappy jobs. People need a role, and want to help, so once you give them something to do, they will like feeling like they are helping.

Being Apart

Yes we are all not going to be with those who we had planned to be with this year, so enjoy the quiet and simplicity. But don’t forget the contact. You can still help others with their shopping, check on a neighbour. But also book in video calls. Or normal calls, like we always did. And don’t care about the state of the kitchen, or whether you are still in your pyjamas. It’s your time, with the people you love. You own it, no one else. You could also take a look at our Contact At Christmas group on Facebook.

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