Stress is a universal feeling that we all experience at some point. Work, life and events can cause stress, in different ways. It is important to keep stress under control, for both our mental and physical health.


Write it down. Any worries you have that are causing stress, write down and try to break down into smaller, manageable pieces. This is good to do at night before bed to avoid overthinking when you are trying to sleep.

Routine is important if you have stress from different outlets, such as work and home. Getting organised and having some plans can help structure thoughts, reducing overthinking and stress.

Think about positive things, the things you are grateful for.

Sleep well – make sure you have good sleep hygiene, got to bed when you are sleepy, make your bedroom cool and dark. Try to get up at the same time everyday. Being physically tired helps, so activity and exercise is important, but not too close to bed time as it can be over simulating.

Breathing, meditation and relaxation can counter the physical and mental toll that stress can take on us.

Caffeine and nicotine can make stress worse, they can also affect your sleep.

Talking to others in a safe environment like WarriorKind about your thoughts, feelings and experiences can help.