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WarriorKind® is a community dedicated to normalising conversations around mental health and well being. Here you will find inspiring stories, interact with other Warriors, find resources and information to help you and others on your journey.

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The WarriorKind® community was built on our safe spaces where our members unite whilst sharing their stories and supporting each other. If you would like to become part of an empowering and inspirational community then please feel free to join one of our groups.


Al’s Warrior Story

Over the last few years I have really struggled with depression. Along with some major issues within my business, my life just seemed to be

Your Warrior Story

At WarriorKind® we love to share inspiring stories from our members to show that even through the hardest situations, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. If we talk and stick together, we can empower, inspire and support one another. We would love to hear your warrior story.

Covid 19

These are unprecedented times so we have put together some helpful tips and resources to help us all through it. 

Urgent Help?

Please click below where you will be guided through to a page of  links, numbers and resources.


We have collated some resources to help us all better understand mental health, so we able to help each other. 

WarriorKind® Directory

The WarriorKind® Directory is a gateway to resources, support and services to guide you on your journey. Every partner has been approved by our team to ensure we only recommend people you can trust. 

"WarriorKind to me, is an outlet that I don’t think any of us really had before, with that comes honesty and people really opening up about what they've really gone through."
"WarriorKind is a fantastic place for me to find relief, and be able to talk to other people that have gone through what I've gone through, and I don’t feel alone."
"I think WarriorKind is a safe space to express things as the community knows what I've been going through because of their similar experiences."
"The first step is recognising you have a problem, but then to go on and actually talk about that and get it off your chest, every time you open up about it you feel something physically lift off of you."